alocin (alocin42) wrote,

OU Fee Arrangements

Up to now a 60 credit undergraduate level course with the Open University cost around £700, so you could do a degree part time over six years for £4,200. From later this year for new students the same 60 credit courses will now cost £2,500. EACH. So a six year long part time degree will set you back 15 grand. Grr to changes in government funding!

Even doing a full degree course aside, £700 is for me a do-able some of money for a nine month long hobby that keeps me out of trouble and my brain ticking over. But £2,500? Holy crap no! I'll just get my learnin's from wikipedia and sod the referencing. Since the change in funding the OU have to go where the money is - younger students who want to do a full degree part time quick snap and over with a bit cheaper than a brick and mortar full time three years, not old crusty folk or weirdos like me who just want to do the odd course here and there. Apparently you're not allowed to learn for fun and personal development anymore, education is solely a financial investment...
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