alocin (alocin42) wrote,


This is just a note for anyone randomly finding their way to my journal from a community I posted on or something. Hello! I'm Nicola (hence alocin). The 42 references the answer to life the universe and everything rather than my age. I'm from the UK and live in the South West - Bristol to be more precise. I (allegedly) work for the civil service, I have a penguin tattooed on my ankle and am the evil one of a set of twins. There - if you know me in real life then with that it's a pretty safe bet you're thinking of only one person I could be. Hi! :D *waves*

I don't really post in my own journal [much] anymore but I keep it active for participating in communities, posting the odd fic and such. If you need my attention please email rennatalocin - at - hotmail - dot -com. Or send me a psychic nudge. Whatever works best for you.

toodle pip
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